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2010 Bentley Continental GT

By luanpa in | September 2, 2010 | Comments Off on 2010 Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has debuted its Continental GT for 2010 model on seventh of September 2010. It will be weeklong public reveal on the internet. With new sculpted, athletic body and powerful styling lines.

2010 Bentley Continental GT is as dramatic and will be as instantly recognizable as its predecessor was. At the time the debut begins, Bentley will put the wraps off and allowing the viewers from across the globe to take virtual tours of the Continental GT. The tours will be available from many camera angles so that no part of the vehicle goes unnoticed.

Among the peculiar features of the Continental GT are new headlights with LED lights, a more aggressive air damn, revised front air ducts, and a new set of wheels. Interior has also been upgraded with a reworked navigation system and infotainment center That’s all we know at the moment, for more information stay tuned.

The styling and design story in 2010 is just as dramatic and we believe this Bentley GT will be as instantly recognisable as its predecessor. We look forward to the moment the cameras are switched on and sharing the new Continental GT with enthusiasts across the world.

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