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2010 Citroen Survolt Concept

By luanpa in | September 8, 2010 | (2) Comments

Citroen has officially unveiled the SURVOLT Concept at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Citroen took the essence of the Citroen’s REVOLTE concept and make the SURVOLT sportier.

With its compact dimensions, length of 3.85 meters, 1.87 meters wide and 1.20 meters high, re-appropriating Survolt Citroen concept sports car styling cues to a completely new, revolutionary concept. As the rebellion Survolt Concept Car is powered by electricity finished with a glass set between chrome roll bar instead.

Citroen Survolt Concept’s cockpit is designed like a floating cell, a glass setting held between chrome-finished roll bars like some magnificent piece of jewellery. The leitmotiv with Citroen Survolt Concept is to transgress the conventions of the luxury world and combine them elegantly with those of the sporting world.

The cabin was imagined as a cross between two worlds that by their essence are opposed. This union begets an organic universe, both flowing and technical, from which the driver’s station springs forth. The interior as a whole was designed to bring the two occupants comfort and refinement, triggering singular pleasure and an outstanding experience.The car’s generous glazed area brings light and a sensation of space, light years from that offered by today’s sports cars.

Like Revolte, Citroen Survolt Concept is powered by electricity, thus combining sports performance with environmental respect and sustainable development. Still particularly rare in the racing world, this technological solution also embodies a previously unthinkable alliance. But Citroen dares and creates, transgressing conventions to better sublimate them. With irreproachable ecological credentials, the drivetrain blends driving pleasure, thrills, performance and vitality, and all in extreme comfort, since the car is silent in operation.









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  1. Marc Samson says:


    I really enjoyed this post. This is an absolutely gorgeous car!

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    It’s a pretty decent compilation of crazy car stunts and I thought you and your readers might enjoy it.

    Keep up the Great Work!


  2. shako says:

    fantastic car with best design, congretulation for citroen