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2010 Ferrari F430 Spider

By luanpa in | October 30, 2010 | (1) Comment

Ferrari F430 Spider has been started offering in 2005, suggesting a five-year lifespan is typical for these surpercar. It is the product of a close working relationship with Ferrari’s Gestione Sportiva F1 racing division, and now F430 Spider is one of the most fabulous convertibles on the world market.

The exterior of 2010 Ferrari F430 is created by Pininfarina in collaboration with Frank Stephenson is inspired by the car’s exceptional engineering. The aggression and performance of the F430’s design has been effortlessly transferred to the Spider so that the new model exudes all of the breathtaking elegance typical of a Ferrari drop-top. In design terms, this means that the new Spider has an even stronger personality and more muscular stance, both of which strongly hint at its powerful engineering and blistering performance.

The chassis of the Ferrari F430 Spider fully exploits cutting-edge aluminium technology that allows considerable structural stiffness, excellent driver and passenger protection with minimal weight. To offset the loss of the roof, the Spider’s chassis has been significantly reinforced. The sill members have been strengthened with extremely light, rigid aluminium foam inserts where they connect to the rear B-pillar chassis members. Similarly, at the front the sill members are strengthened by a robust connection with the A-pillars which include the Ferrari-patented integral door mounting points and the base of the windscreen surround.

The 2010 F430 Spider is powered by the new 90° V8 featuring Ferrari’s traditionally uncompromising design approach with a flat-plane crank (180° between throws.) The improvement in terms of performance, weight and reduction of overall dimensions is yet another result of Ferrari applying its wealth of F1 experience to its road cars: + 25% (465 Nm at 5,250 rpm, 80% of which is already available at 3,500 rpm) and power by 23% (490 hp at 8,500 rpm.)

The E-Diff or electronic differential, the real new feature on F430, is now standard equipment on the Spider. On the track, the E-Diff guarantees maximum grip out of bends, eliminating wheel spin. On the road it is a formidable technological refinement that improves roadholding. For the driver, the E-Diff increases handling balance and grip (which noticeably improves acceleration,) improves roadholding on the limit and also guarantees even better steering feel.

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