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2010 Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept

By luanpa in | October 1, 2010 | Comments Off on 2010 Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept

Infiniti’s passion for cars – and the art, craft and technology that goes into making them so special – is given full rein at the 2010 Paris Motor Show with the debut of the Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept.

The interior trim finishers are unique to the Paris concept. The centre console is finished with black lacquer while the dashboard area above the glove box and doors are adorned with KACCHU, the name given to the armour used by Japan’s feudal warlords, or samurai, in the Middle Ages.

Under the bonnet of the Infiniti IPL G Cabrio Concept is Infiniti’s charismatic 3.7-litre V6 boasting 338 PS, 18 PS more than standard thanks to a high-flow dual exhaust system. It doesn’t just sound great but also reduces exhaust pressure by 30%, further enhancing engine efficiency. The point at which peak power is developed has been boosted, from 7000 to 7400 rpm – high revs which the VQ engine’s motor racing-inspired “bed plate” construction technique can take in its stride.

Top speed of the de-restricted concept car, which has a seven speed automatic transmission with magnesium paddle shifts, is more than 270 km/h, with 0-100 km/h available in under 6 seconds.

Infiniti Performance Line products are currently only sold in North America, but the company says a decision on launching IPL in Europe will be made after reaction to the car at the Paris motor show has been taken into consideration.







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