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2011 Ferrari 458 Italia super review and photos

By admin in | December 4, 2009 | (3) Comments

The Ferrari 458 Italia was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September to immediate critical acclaim. Following an extensive international media test drive programme in Maranello, the home of the fabled Prancing Horse, the car has been the subject of enthusiastic reviews, with its handling, roadholding, ride comfort and performance all being subject to the kind of superlatives rarely seen from the world’s leading journalists.

The Ferrari 458 Italia successor for the Ferrari F430, The Ferrari 458 Italia  looks impressive from any angle. While you might say that the exterior more or less based on the traditional Ferrari lines, It’s been designed with enormous tumblehome, so the air curves around the cabin and runs over the integrated rear tail, while underneath, a flat floor enhances the effects of the rear diffuser to create 140 kg of downforce at 124 mph.

The name derives from the powerplant: a 4.5-litre V8 which Ferrari claims has the highest specific output of any normally aspirated car engine. In the  cabin is sportiest , and the chair is leather wrap, luxury and exercise two kinds of styles perfectly the wedge bonding is together.
2011 Ferrari 458 Italia

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia



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