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2011 Fiat Idea

By luanpa in | August 14, 2010 | (1) Comment

The new Fiat Idea now offers the new family of E.torQ engines, 1.6 16V and 1.8 16V, developed by the engineering department of FPT – Powertrain Technologies. Flex-fuel (runs at any mix of ethanol and gasoline) and with 16 valves, these cutting-edge engines bring together performance, economy and low emission and noise level, besides reliability and durability. They are manufactured at the recently inaugurated engine plant in Campo Largo, Paraná.

Now, the customer can choose from among seven versions in the new range of Fiat Idea: there are three engine configurations (Fire 1.4, E.TorQ 1.6 16V and 1.8 16V), four levels of finish (Attractive, Essence, Sporting and Adventure) and two transmissions – five-gear manual or Automatic Dualogic®.

The E.torQ 1.6 16V engine that equips the Essence versions produces 115 hp of power driving only with gasoline, and 117 hp with ethanol. Its maximum torque – 16.2 kgfm with gasoline and 16.8 kgfm with ethanol – is reached at 4,500 rpm. Mow the 1.8 16V Flex has a power of 130 hp with gasoline and 132 hp with ethanol. The maximum torque, 18.4 kgfm (gasoline) and 18.9 kgfm (ethanol), is reached at 4,500 rpm.

The torque curve of the two engines is actually very good. At 1,500 rpm they already generate 80% of its maximum torque; and at 2,500 rpm, 93% of its maximum force. This assures more than enough clearance to drive with pleasure and comfort, and to assure safety at overtaking.




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  1. YaThink? says:

    Is there a chance Chrysler might offer the Fiat Idea, in they’re Fiat line up?
    I really like the 500c, and very likely will buy one when they are offered locally.
    But I Like the Idea, and feel it has great potential, even here in the U.S. More now with current gas pricing. Seems like a very practical communter vehicle.
    I hope Chrysler will give it the “thumbs up” and offer it in the near future.