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2011 Honda CR-Z review

By luanpa in | September 5, 2010 | (13) Comments

2011 Honda CR-Z is fitted with a 3-Mode Drive System. The prices starting below $20,000 and topping out just above $23,000 with a CVT and navigation.

This unique feature allows the driver to choose between three driving modes. which alter the responses of the throttle, steering, climate control and the level of assistance provided by the IMA syst.

The 2011 Honda CR-Z’s exterior is nowhere near as taut and tight as that of the concept Honda revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, which sent the blogosphere into a frenzy of anticipation: Was Honda bringing back the CR-X? While the production CR-Z lacks some of the muscularity of the concept, it still looks like nothing else on the road; that large, imposing grille and upslanting headlights start a design motif that finishes with a bold swish for a C-pillar and a sculptured rear deck.

Many readers will remember the wedge-shaped CR-X of the early 80s and see some strategic resemblances. But as project leader Norio Tomobe pointed out at our drive session: “We were not aiming for a modern day CR-X. We wanted to create a totally new type of hybrid sports coupe that would take us into a more discerning and environmentally-conscious 21st century. The fact that’s it’s a hybrid just adds another intriguing dimension to the sporty mix. If it reminds you of the CR-X then that’s purely coincidental.”

Built on a slightly shorter, but wider, Insight platform, the CR-Z’s wheelbase has been clipped 4.5 in compared with the Insight. It’s also 1.2 in lower, and 97 lbs lighter. It seems much more low-slung when you slip into the driver’s seat, because the H-point is closer to the floor. There’s plenty of headroom for driver’s up to 6 ft 5 in, but forget the rear seats, which would struggle to accommodate a 12 year old. Flatten the rear seats and you create 14.1 cubic feet of luggage space, enough for a couple of suitcases, or two golf bags.

At first look, interior trim and quality seems about one and a half levels above that of the Insight’s, and the instrumentation boasts more design flair. The CR-Z’s dash is well set out, superbly illuminated and intuitive.

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