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2011 Lexus CT 200h

By luanpa in | October 19, 2010 | (4) Comments

2011 Lexus CT 200h is a new sporty five-door compact hatchback which created by Lexus recently. It is the first sedan based on full hybrid vehicle in the premium.

In fact, the 2011 lexus ct 200h is base on the LF-Ch concept, using MacPherson struts up front and a dedicated double-wishbone and trailing-arm rear suspension design. It is created for those who wish to lower their emissions but not their standards.

The CT 200h is powered by a 1.8L Atkinson cycle four-cylinder gas engine. It offers the usual mile or so of electric-only running, under light acceleration, at speeds up to 28 mph. a powerful electric motor, a generator, a high performance battery, a power control unit, and a power split device. The 0-60 time of 9.8 seconds, impressive 42mpg fuel economy.

The CT 200h’s Lexus Hybrid Drive technology features two motor generators. Each performs specific functions and can operate as both a motor and generator. The engine-driven generator can charge the battery pack or provide additional power to the drive motor as needed. The drive motor is driven by electrical power from the hybrid battery pack or generator and provides motive force for the front wheels. The hybrid battery pack is located under the rear cargo area within the wheelbase for optimized balance.

The electric motor, generator and power split device are all housed in one highly compact casing the size of a conventional gearbox, with drive to the front wheels provided by Lexus Hybrid Drive’s quiet and smooth shift-by-wire, electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (E-CVT).

The CT 200h will also be equipped with four drive-modes: Normal, Eco, Sport and EV. Normal mode has an essentially linear throttle response that gives naturally progressive power while the Power Control Unit (PCU) limits drive voltage to a maximum of 500 volts. The Eco mode adjusts air conditioning settings and the throttle for the best possible fuel economy. For an enhanced fun-to-drive experience, Sport mode, a first for the Lexus hybrid line-up, can be selected. Sport mode provides more direct Electric Power Steering (EPS) settings and throttle while the PCU boosts drive voltage to a maximum output of 650 volts. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRAC) are less intrusive when Sport mode is selected, allowing for more lively driving. In EV mode, under certain circumstances, the vehicle can be driven up to one mile using only the electric motors.

2011 lexus ct 200h

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