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2012 BMW DTM race plans

By luanpa in | October 15, 2010 | (4) Comments

BMW announced that they would joined the DTM(German Touring Car Masters), and BMW will unveil the 2012 BMW DTM race plans to this competition.

BMW dropped from the competition 18 seasons ago, with the new plans, the governing body, the ITR, is currently working on these prerequisites. In anticipation of a positive outcome, BMW Motorsport is making appropriate preparations on the technical side. The final decision is expected during the year.

It would be a big boost to the DTM if another manufacturer joined, both from a fans point of view to have more cars on circuit and as an extra reason to stir up further competition between the teams. We’re sure BMW will be hoping to a return of the halcyon days of the early 1990s with its successful E30 M3.

Having departed F1 last year, it appears BMW is now freer to pursue other racing activities, as shown by its M3 GT2 it campaigns in ALMS and also its successful WTCC programme. BMW are developing a new 1.6L four-cylinder turbo for 2011, so one would imagine they have no plans to leave this series 12 months after an intensive and expensive R&D period. Busy times ahead at BMW.

2012 BMW DTM race2012 BMW DTM



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  2. As what I’ve read in TopSpeed.com, you can compare from production based as F1 cars and there is nothing bassed left for DTM. Although they are carbon/tube frame race cars wherein the drive seats in a F1 styled carbon crash box and placed inside a tube frame chassis with a front mid engine layout. Isn’t that cool? Well, I’ve been reading different stuffs online.

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