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2012 Ford Capri

By luanpa in | November 26, 2010 | Comments Off on 2012 Ford Capri

Ford Capri was first considered as the new Ford Focus three-door, it was based on a stretched and widened Ford Focus ST, Now Ford is releasing new Capri 2012 to compete with VW Scirocco.

Ford plans to reborn the Capri name. In order to celebrate 40 years of Capri, Ford will bring a concept model that will be followed by a production version in 2012. Ford is betting on the re-birth of a classic nameplate, and it’s using a proven platform to do it.

Ford has previously flirted with the idea of bringing back the Capri, and even released a concept called the Visos shown in 2003. That car held very true to the original car’s body style, at least in terms of being a two-door hatch/liftback. Roadster and coupe designs have both been floated as possibilities for the new car, though the latest reports from AutoExpress say a three hatchback has gotten the nod.

The 2012 ford Capri will be equiped with an efficiency-focused 140hp (104kW) four-cylinder to a sporty 250hp (186kW) five-cylinder, or alternatively a smaller, more efficient 2.0L EcoBoost engine. That would put the Capri on very even footing with the Scirocco, and the speculated pricing would make them prime competitors, both hovering near €20,000 ($29,500) in Europe.

Capri revival is still speculative at this point, it won’t be expected for production until 2012 at the earliest, giving Ford plenty of time to get its design and powertrain plans in order, and reveal a concept car sometime 2012.

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