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2012 Paulin VR Concept

By luanpa in | September 30, 2010 | Comments Off on 2012 Paulin VR Concept

The VR concept is a proposal for a 2012 sports car from Swedish design firm Paulin Motor Company, led by former Ford designer Daniel Paulin.

The Paulin VR Concept is laid out around a 2-seat, front engine configuration. Among the most striking visible features are the wheel surrounds both front and rear which are a different color to the rest of the body, and an expansive glass fighter-jet style canopy which opens in a dramatic manner, the windscreen lifts up and forward and the doors open in a scissor-like manner to enable entry.

During the development of the VR Concept Paulin worked with another Swedish company, Opticore, who provided the visual tools to display the concept to such a high level of detail without the need for scale models.






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