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2012 Spada Codatronca Monza

By luanpa in | July 13, 2011 | Comments Off on 2012 Spada Codatronca Monza

Spada is famous Italian car designer, now they debut an open top version of their supercar — Spada Codatronca Monza.

The Codatronca Monza was designed by Paolo, Ercole Spada and Domiziano Boschi of Spadaconcept, and built by Spadavetturesport for Aznom, a well-known company of Monza. Monza has amazing clean and sharp features. Such features should make the Corvette Z06 based car speedy.  It is low-slung and has a stern end typical to that of the Codatronca TS. It is weigh 1,250 kilogram.

2012 Spada Codatronca Monza is powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine, produces with a brutal 530kW of power and 883Nm of torque. The roadster will come fitted with a six-speed manual transmission. So Codatronca Monza can creation ought to hit 60 mph in three seconds flat and top out at nearly 210 mph.

The cabin features a high-definition video camera, while the steering wheel with integrated GPS captures telemetry and other vehicle data for overlay. Spada plan to collaborate on special order versions of the open-top Codatronca Monza and a street-legal convertible model called the Barchetta Codatronca.

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