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2040 Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Concept driving by your thought

By luanpa in | January 26, 2010 | (2) Comments

The Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation concept from designer Derek Chik Kin Ng is dated for 2040. The two-seats sportscar concept is constructed to handle a bit of off roading as well.

 Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation concept moves by the power of thought. The designer envisions a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) that sets up communication between the car and a special helmet that the user wears. The helmet detects impulses from the brain, and sends corresponding commands for the car to follow. Although, we think there will be a need for some filtering mechanism, because if the car started doing everything we thought of, there would be mayhem/ armageddon on the roads.

The concept is far from being a regular road vehicle. Besides the fact that it looks quite appealing, it provides enough room to accommodate two passengers and it can even handle off-road terrain if really needed.

The most interesting part is that the car has no steering wheel. Not even some pedals as the driver can control the car with the power of mind. Basically, the whole principle sounds quite feasible but implementing it on car could prove to be an incredibly difficult mission.

It all relies on a so-called Brain Computer Interface (BCI) that establishes the connection between the car and a specially-designed helmet for the driver. The brain impulses emitted by the driver are collected by the helmet and transmitted to the car that reacts accordingly. Obviously, technical details such as the engine to be fitted on the car are the least important in this case so no info available at this point.

2040 Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Concept2040 Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Concept



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2 responses to "2040 Mercedes Benz Cyborg Sensation Concept driving by your thought"

  1. Gary Maloney says:

    The primary concern with taking the BCI out of the laboratory is that the EEG is easily distracted from the relatively weak input from the brain to the outside of the scalp.

  2. Hannah Montana says:

    this car is extremely gay with its extirior design!!!!!!!! Plz do not make this in the future por favor……..2nd the range of the car is too wide!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE YO!!!!!!!!