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Hidden car Optical Illusion

By luanpa in | December 27, 2009 | Comments Off on Hidden car Optical Illusion

The girl is name Sara Watson, The Hidden car Optical Illusion is design by her.

The Hidden car Optical Illusion took Sara Watson three weeks to transform the car seen below, and make it invisible. She made a battered old Skoda “disappear” by painting it to merge with the surrounding car park. This invisible Skoda is now being used for advertising by the local recycling firm that donated the vehicle. Sara was given the Skoda Fabia from the breaker’s yard at local firm, whose owner Steve Jackson described her work as “simply amazing”. Are you able to see the car without any problem? Perhaps our color-blind readers will see it more quickly, as they are better at penetrating certain camouflages (supposedly). Oh, I almost forgot to share that I managed to pass my exam – just 8 more before getting a diploma!

hidden car illusion

hidden car illusion view 2

hidden car illusion view

hidden car illusion view 1



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