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Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept by Pininfarina at Geneva 2010

By luanpa in | March 5, 2010 | (1) Comment

To celebrate the Alfa Romeo’s 100th, Italian automotive design house Pininfarina has released a new teaser image featuring their as yet Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept. And it is also perhaps fitting that Pininfarina’s 80th birthday.

Early last month Pininfarina released a single sketch of a svelte ultra-modern blue two-seater. Today, Pininfarina has released a new illustration (above), showing the rear end of the concept, more clearly defined than in the earlier sketch. Alfa Romeo tries to show us the new lines of design that will address to the next generation (or his replacement) Alfa Romeo 159. For this, the three big Italian design houses Bertone, Pininfarina and Giugiaro will exhibit three concepts that will portray a coupe, a convertible and a four-door sedan.

The  Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta is a two seater spider and it will have a very cuttlebone design. The design is inspired by the Spider models built between 1966 and 1993, with very elegant shapes and extended lines. Those models were the last Alfas powered by the appearance of 8C Competizione, and the concept is likely to hang on to this recipe. This platform could however be borrowed from Chrysler, which already has LX, a platform adapted to propel the rear axle. The front end of the new concept was designed by Pininfarina, where they then decided to drop a few elements from Alfa’s design style.

There are new bug-eye headlights, as well as bumpers with LED strips. These changes make the concept unique, and they keep the design away from the standard Alfa models. For instance, if Pininfarina went with the usual Alfa standards, we’d have another 8C, or some other little sporty exclusive from the brand.

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta concept is equiped with a 1750cc turbocharged engine. This will pay its respects to the Alfa 1750 Spider Veloce, the model which landed up replacing the Duetto. No word on power from the turbocharged 1.75 liter motor, but the layout appears to be front engine, rear drive. Dimensionally, it’s a little bit bigger than the pictures make it look. Compared to a current generation Mazda Miata, the 2uettottanta is about 8 inches longer and 3 inches wider, with a slightly longer wheelbase.

alfa romeo 2uettottanta concept front

alfa romeo 2uettottanta concept side

alfa romeo 2uettottanta concept front



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  1. Mel says:

    And here’s to the next hundred years for Alfa if they’re going to turn out new cars like this! Not normally a fan of red as a colour for cars, I always think it makes them look a bit tacky but this Alfa pulls it off nicely.