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Amphibious Audi Hydron Car Concept

By luanpa in | August 15, 2010 | Comments Off on Amphibious Audi Hydron Car Concept

David Cardoso has envisioned an Audi car concept which is comfortable on land as well as water, the name is Audi Hydron. Amphibious vehicle design has long been in vogue.

Especially designed to give a proper mix between land and water capabilities, each wheel of Audi Hydron is driven by an electric engine that can turn 90°. In the water however; Hydron is driven by hollow axe wheels. David’s three-seater electric amphibious vehicle has looks of a car but it could be used as a boat wherever required.

The features independent turning wheels and many several driving modes like parking mode and the rotation mode to name a few. On the top of this, it is possible to have front, rear or 4 wheel drive for that ultimate fun on land and water.




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