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By luanpa in | December 28, 2009 | Comments Off on Amphibious JEEP GATOR KIT

GATOR KIT is a Amphibious vehicle, it is based on a JEEP. It is foam filled and virtually unsinkable.

All you need from WaterCar is a Gator Body and the Patented WaterCar Transmission, all other parts can be gathered from a Volkswagen donor car or bought right off the shelf from an aftermarket parts manufacturer.

The design of the Gator allows for many exterior components of a Jeep CJ8 to interchange with it. For example, roof, doors, windshield, headlights, seats, mirrors, and so on.

 More photos: watercar

Amphibious JEEP

Amphibious JEEP

Amphibious JEEP - Gator Kit

Amphibious JEEP - Gator Kit



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