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Armor Horse Vault XXL is real VIP-level security

By luanpa in | February 5, 2010 | Comments Off on Armor Horse Vault XXL is real VIP-level security

The Armor Horse Vault XXL is celebrity-like security. This beastly, Brinks-like armored limousine is built using UL-rated thermal & composite ballistic panels and bullet-resistant windows, and offers security features like dual emergency escape hatches that double as skylights, and dual emergency gun ports for fending off zombies attackers.

Inside, it’s all luxury. The interior design can take on one of four different themes (Jet Setter, Cigar Bar, Mega Yacht and Shagadelic), each one with its own color and lighting schemes for the upholstery, walls, floors and ceilings. Sporting seats for up to the most 25 people, you can hold a veritable party on wheels inside this super stretch. Amenities include an L-shaped wet bar, multiple LCD screens, a high-end stereo system and multiple entertainment sources (satellite radio, an iPod dock, CD, DVD and four auxilliary ports). No decadence, of course, is complete without a stripper pole – and it has one, which can automatically from the ceiling.

The other features include: a dual emergency escape hatches double as skylights, dual emergency gun ports for fending off attackers… and when it comes luxury it offers all the features a Limo has – an L-shaped wet bar, a variety of LCD screens, a powerful stereo system, and even a retractable, neon-lit and so on.

This beast has Diesel international Maxxforce DT engine that has 245HP with 620 lb-ft Torque at 400 RMP. With 2600 RPM Governed Speed and 2 Bell Housing, it has fuel economy of 9.86MGP at 55MPH. For all the luxury, comfort, security and style, the amount you need to shell out is $150,000.

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