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Aston Martin Viceroy Concept

By luanpa in | August 25, 2010 | Comments Off on Aston Martin Viceroy Concept

Aston Martin Viceroy concept is designed by Swansea Metropolitan Design student from the UK, It is clearly a bit of an Aston fan, having penned the futuristic Viceroy concept. and it is a part of his graduation in Automotive Design.

Aston Martin One-77 is no longer a concept, but it pushed the boundaries of supercar design to the edge of the envelope while still maintaining that instantly recognisable Aston Martin trademark identity.

Aston Martin Viceroy concept was shown in July, 2010 show car design studies at the University of National Waterfront Museum in Swansea Marina, United Kingdom instead. With a sleek design and aggressive language, was inspired by Aston Martin with the Viceroy and the reputation of Savile Row tailor in London and uses Ason Martin trademark elements for expressive design language.

Aston Martin Viceroy is a hydrogen-drive sports car designed specifically for the UK. But this I can bet that the design elements and general appearance will attract Aston Martin. This Aston Martin supercar was inspired by the ultra bespoke prestige of London’s Savile Row.

Aston Martin Viceroy concept front topAston Martin Viceroy concept designAston Martin Viceroy concept SIDEAston Martin Viceroy concept top sideAston Martin Viceroy concept rear



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