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Audi One concept: a student degree Project

By luanpa in | June 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Audi One concept: a student degree Project

Audi One concept is a degree Project for 2010 designed by Jason Battersby, he desinged as an award to celebrate cultural hero’s outstanding achievements.

The concept is inspired by the Stanley Cup of the National Hockey League, and Jason designed this vehicle as a great symbol of excellence that would be passed on to each winner and be driven for one year. The Audi One celebrates the great achievements of these people and acts as an ambassador promoting the pursuit of dreams and the quest for success.

Designed in collaboration with Audi AG at the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden, Audi One flaunts unique design and body parts that give the concept exemplary and futuristic appearance. Apart from this, the Audi One concept focuses on building a timeless sculpture and to help promote as well as strengthen brand’s values of sophisticated progressive design and embody sports appeal.




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