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AUDI R4 will be confirmed

By luanpa in | May 24, 2010 | Comments Off on AUDI R4 will be confirmed

I have written some posts about AUDI R8, Now I will write a article a post about AUDI R4, which is a Boxster-sized mid-engined sports car, The German automaker is apparently looking to design a smaller modular platform.

The AUDI R4 underpins the new A8 and forthcoming A7, among others. The production model is likely to be available with either an electric motor or conventional internal-combustion four-cylinder variants. Engineers involved in the studies have told Autocar that lines have been drawn between the cheap-to-produce yet relatively heavy monocoque or the more expensive but lightweight aluminium structure.

The rear-wheel drive R4 would also have a mid-mounted engine, as does the R8, and would come available with two turbocharged petrol/gasoline power plants – a 1.4 liter and a 1.6 liter – as well as there being a 2.0 liter diesel variant. Engineers are currently weighing the prospects of a more expensive aluminum frame versus a cheaper but heavier steel unibody structure.

They drive the front and rear axles. Together the two electric motors make 204ps and get this 2,650Nm of torque, yes I will write this again 2,650Nm. I don’t know that many of us are aware that this is more than a truck; it’s more than twice the torque of a Bugatti Veyron. Weirdly with so much torque, the e-tron is said to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 5.9seconds and the top speed is limited to 200km/h(124mph)

The AUDI  R4 will share the same shape and styling as the e-Tron electric concept. It is expected to be released in 2012 with both electric and conventional engines, and will go on sale in 2012. Bigger than the TT, but slightly smaller than the R8, the future Audi R4 will share a similar-looking roofline with the TT and R8.

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