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Audi RS7 Concept

By luanpa in | April 7, 2010 | Comments Off on Audi RS7 Concept

The Audi RS7 Concept is Austrian designer Adriano Mudri’s vision for Audi future products. It is pure photoshoped concept.

It includes design elements much like the current Audi R8. Probably most successful are the minimal LED lights, eliminating the visual fuss of Audi‘s current corrective lenses. The front of the RS7 concept has a double-gaping mouth with minimalist LED headlamps and two small, round lights at the center. The gullwing doors are a special feature you will hardly miss. The contrasting color at the rear of the design covers the rear engine bay and extends to the rear of the body and the rear wheel wells.

Adriano Mudri is an Austrian industrial designer with a degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. The small grill fits really well, we have get used to see big grills in current Audi’s, but as you can see with the small grill and large air takes.

Audi RS7 shares a lot of the lines with the current R8 but with really interesting curves. Also the RS7 features the two different colors between the engine bonnet and the rest of the car.

Audi RS7 Concept top

Audi RS7 Concept

Audi RS7 Concept pink

Audi RS7 Concept rear



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