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Audi Two Seater Concept

By luanpa in | May 28, 2010 | (1) Comment

This a two seater Audi for fast intercity commute. which is designed by Jochem Hinloopen, a Dutch Industrial Design Engineering student.

This Audi concept is a commuter car that will take you to office or marketplace and back to home without being struck in traffic congestion.  Accommodating two passengers, one after the other, to reduce the width and enhance fuel efficiency, the compact car easily fits in compact parking spaces, which is a big problem in cities across the world.

Audi concept to provide safe ride and features enhanced headlamps, smoother edges and a canopy styled cockpit that provides the best visibility in the crowded urban roads. Its width has been reduced as two people sit one after the other instead of next to each other, allowing the car to easily fit well in compact spaces, which makes it ideal in a situation when parking lots are running out of space.

audi 2 seater concept



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