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B7 Hi-Speed Hybrid concept

By luanpa in | May 28, 2010 | (1) Comment

B7 Hi-Speed Hybrid concept is designed by Filip Tejszerski, and it was designed to fly over the asphalt, with a performance far superior to that of rivals like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight.

It is the one you won’t mind to have a ride on. This  is faster than a Prius, and is powered by four brushless wheel hub motors, charged by a LPG V8 through super-capacitors. B7 Hi -Speed Hybrid concept has a seating capacity for two with pilot and co-pilot sting next to each other. On the other, the vehicle has B7’s State of the art electronic speed control system that control everything from independent hub-motor drive, ABS braking and adaptive wing angle adjustment. The hybrid vehicle is high tech, less in weight, agile and too fast to go beyond the limits of on-road vehicle performances.

Is this really a hybrid or a car almost plane? So rather be categorized as something between the two, and it is really a hybrid car that takes the technology even more aerodynamic devices that exist (with apologies to the Formula 1) fighter jets.

Its design is really pretty spectacular, but mostly it’s very aerodynamic, very agile and extremely light, which together with its four electric motors located at each wheel, plus a powerful V8 that uses LPG, give striking characteristics in principle, perhaps revealing that understand and design with more features hybrid technology.

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  1. Graham Other says:

    The hybrid not only gets better gas mileage, it produces less pollution than other, hybrid cars. Graham Other