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Beijing 2010: Ford Start Concept

By luanpa in | April 25, 2010 | (5) Comments

Ford unveiled the Ford Start Concept in the 2010 Beijing Auto Show, it is a striking small car for family in the future. The structure is a combination of aluminum and high strength steels to keep weight down without sacrificing safety.

Ka-sized machine has been designed by Ford’s California-based design offices for ever-growing cities in the Far East. But the real news is under the bonnet, where power comes from a 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost direct injection turbo engine. That should put it at approximately 105-110 horsepower. A small car with this engine should be able to get CO2 emissions under 100 grams per kilometer something reserved for diesel and hybrid vehicles up to now.

The Exterior of Ford Start Concept is clean and simple, but not as interesting as the “Kinetic” design of cars like the all-new 2011 Focus. The simpler shape is surely less expensive to manufacture than Ford’s current crop of vehicles and that simplification strategy extends to the interior where the Start introduces MyFord Mobile. This MyFord iteration relies on smartphones to provide much of the functionality provided by MyFord Touch without having to install all the extra hardware.

Inside, the instrument panel can easily be swapped from left to right-hand drive, while the modular construction of the dashboard and one-piece rear seats further cuts production costs.

ford start concept

ford start concept side

ford start concept back

ford start concept exterior



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