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Beijing 2010: Hongqi HQE goverment works

By luanpa in | April 25, 2010 | (2) Comments

Hongqi HQE (红旗HQE) is a expensive limousine producted by China Car manufacture FAW. It was debuted in China’s extravagant 60th anniversary parade in 2009. I had writen “2009 Hot Presidential Vehicle List in the world” about this vehicle.

 Back in the 1950s, FAW started off building a localized version of the standard Soviet parade car, and over the past half century, they have evolved. FAW has also built licensed stretched sedans based on Audi and  Lincoln vehicles. China first Works is set to produce a Rolls Royce Phantom based “civilian” adaptation in limited runs similar to the one President Hu rode in, while reviewing the thousands of Chinese robotic troops.

Here at the Beijing Motor Show, FAW is showing off a new limo that is a modern interpretation those original models from the 1950s, but with a greenhouse and door array that looks more like a contemporary Rolls-Royce Phantom. We couldn’t find any press materials written in English, but we have reason to believe that this machine is powered by a V12 engine that looks suspiciously like the one from the BMW 7 Series V12 of the late-1980s.

Despite being a “civilian” version as the First Automobile Works, clearly, with a staggering price tag of ¥8 million (RM 4 million), this ride was not created with peasants like us in mind. Even with its ridiculous price tag(Rolls Royce Phantom costing half its price), First Automobile Works is confident of selling a number of these limousines in China with the support of the ever increasing population of billionaires in China.

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