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BMW 1 Series 3-door

By luanpa in | June 26, 2011 | (1) Comment

The all new 2012 BMW 1 Series 3-door info has just surfaced the web, the new generation 3-door model will be sale in 2012 have been released. we’re sure the 5-door version is somewhere hidden too.

BMW 1 Series goes on sale in Spring 2007 and features a model line up. The introduction of a three-door model come as a raft of new fuel-saving innovations are rolled out across the range. The BMW 1 Series makes a lasting impression. Effervescent elegance is the hallmark of its distinctive appearance while its three-door design perfectly expresses its sporting soul. It is sure to broaden that appeal still further. BMW has chosen this occasion to introduce several new fuel-saving technologies that improve the 1-Series’ economy and make it better to drive.

Inside, there are new materials, a more user-friendly iDrive system and updated centre console design. Space in the back is still cramped, though, and the 330-litre load area is small. Our car was fitted with a pair of rear seats either side of a central storage bin but buyers can opt for a conventional bench making the three-door a snug five-seater at no extra cost.

The engine line-up features direct injection on petrol variants to boost performance and economy. Only the 2.0-litre model was available for us to drive, but the 170bhp motor boasts 20bhp more than its predecessor, and the 0-62mph sprint is dispatched in only 7.7 seconds. While the four-cylinder unit is smooth, it can be noisy, especially at motorway speeds.

The price start at £17,785, the new three-door is £530 less than its equivalent five-door version.

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