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BMW 250tti Supercar Concept

By luanpa in | March 31, 2010 | Comments Off on BMW 250tti Supercar Concept

The Iranian car designer Emil Baddal released a series of concept car designs involving a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a BMW, he returns with a new concept study designed under the name BMW 250tti Supersport . While his creations drew a wide variety of reactions.

BMW 250tti Supersport looks like a toy car that has been upscaled to real dimensions. You come across an artist that goes too far. Not content with what he created, Baddal as at it again when he recently released his new BMW concept study, which he tagged by the name ‘250tti Supersport’. At first glance, the car does resemble something that goes along the same lines of what Baddal would create. It’s got a futuristic taste to it. Baddal does veer away from anything that remotely resembles BMW’s trademark sleek and tastefully cutting edge styling.

We do support from time to time these independent artists and we like to give them props for their work, but this time, we’ll go with thumbs down. You have to give it to this up-and-coming Iranian designer. While he does tend to go a little overboard with his design, his designs are a reflection of what the future of luxury cars might look like down the road.

BMW 250tti Supercar Concept

BMW 250tti Supercar Concept rear



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