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BMW AiricAirin is a student design

By luanpa in | March 27, 2010 | (2) Comments

This Vehicle is BMW AiricAirin, which is design by a student of in German Pforzheim whoes name is Seungmo Lim, It is just a master’s degree project of Seungmo Lim.

BMW AiricAirin concept was designed while keeping in mind the fact that everything will go digital in future, but looks so exciting, The creation of the body took Seungmo three weeks and this model comes out in its present from while carving 59 parts, that were collected and refined within a period of five weeks. On the other, the vehicle has eleven different colors and textures and laying of a 40 meters of metal wore with a diameter of 1.6mm took Seungmo six days.

In fact, BMW AiricAirin lightweight sporty roadster concept has the back of a truck which many may think is created by stamping of steel sheet, but it’s not this way. And a hole in the rear of the car between the driver and passenger has a rotor cocooned that turns the air flow which sucks in a diffuser, producing additional energy to assist the engine.

bmw airicairin front

bmw airicairin front top

bmw airicairin side

bmw airicairin back top



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