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BMW LayerON Concept is a skeleton like structure

By luanpa in | March 30, 2010 | (3) Comments

The BMW LayerON Concept was designed by a team for their final thesis at Turin-based IED -Istituto Europeo di Design. There are Patrick De Laet Moreno (Spain), Rocco Sergio D’Argento (Italy) and Aydar Nigmatullin (Russia).

BMW LayerON Concept was developed for the future in 2015, and it is built on the idea that a post-industrial society would be based on vast use of services and decreased buying. Increased renting of goods, the concept has been developed as a rental car. The car can be customized with the help of an electric panel and it can basically look different every time you push a button. In fact, the car looks great for a futuristic concept. They’ve imagined a world where people will only rent cars and, in that would, this would be the perfect vehicle.

BMW LayerON Concept has a skeleton like structure covered by a layer of panels to create the “outer skin”The panels are combined with the internal skeleton layer that has the ability to contract and dilate, thereby giving the vehicle a custom shape. Moreover, the design would allow downloading personal driver settings, for custom appearance and interface.

BMW LayerON concept front

BMW LayerON concept door

BMW LayerON concept top

BMW LayerON concept design



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