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BMW Sequence GT concept all-electric surper car

By luanpa in | March 30, 2010 | Comments Off on BMW Sequence GT concept all-electric surper car

Last week, we had writen a article about BMW AiricAirin, today we will introduce BMW Sequence GT concept. It is designed by Seungmo Lim, who is a graduate student at Pforzheim University in Germany.

BMW Sequence GT concept is designed to an all-electric concept vehicle that takes only a minute to refuel. The vehicle’s electric motor-wheel drive gives the designer the freedom to work on the form of the machine, giving it a unique front end with double noses for better aerodynamic performance.

It was developed with following the deep philosophy of Efficient Dynamics thus providing more economical driving. and it is envisioning the use of a high-tech battery recharging system being promoted by American company Better Place. The system allows you to drive into the station where a machine, installed under the ground, changes the battery within one minute. The station then uses solar panels to recharge the batteries without any harmful emissions.

Sequence GT includes next generation safety systems to protect the occupants and the pedestrians. Inside, an impressive aerodynamics works. Its got a double nose and frontal collision has been preserved with vehicle shooting external airbags. The air intakes on either side of the nose are used to cool the electric motors located under the boot floor. Moreover, air intakes on the outer side of the nose are used to cool the electric motors, allowing them to function and achieve maximum efficiency. The cabin has four separate seats and the vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries are located under the trunk floor.

BMW Sequence GT concept front

BMW Sequence GT concept side

BMW Sequence GT concept rear

BMW Sequence GT concept

BMW Sequence GT concept



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