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BMW Univeiled Mini Rocketman concept

By luanpa in | March 8, 2011 | Comments Off on BMW Univeiled Mini Rocketman concept

BMW univeiled a mini version of its Mini Rocketman concept, which  is likely to appeal to fans of the original 1950s runabout famous for its cornering.

 Mini Rocketman concept is almost foot shorter than a standard Cooper, it is built on a carbon-fiber spaceframe to save weight over the traditional steel unibodies employed on Mini production vehicles. Much of the spaceframe is visible inside and outside the car, to show off the carbon construction and save weight on trim pieces.

 The exterior keeps the family cues and proportions, but displays a new interpretation of the details. Oversize round LED headlamps feature a light-ring surround while the stirrup-style rear lamps are fitted with high-output LEDs for the tail/brake/directionals.

Mini says the vehicle will ‘allow the integration of a drive system, which combines further enhanced sprinting ability with average fuel consumption of just three liters per 100 kilometers, which translates to roughly 78 mpg in U.S. measurements. We’ll be interested to find out what hyper-efficient drivetrain it is referring to in the press release, but we’re betting it’s some sort of diesel/hybrid.

Mini Rocketman Concept will make production is likely to remain topic of speculation for some time to come.

Mini Rocketman ConceptMini Rocketman Concept frontMini Rocketman Concept side

Mini Rocketman Concept top openMini Rocketman Concept rear open

Mini Rocketman Concept interior



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