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BMW Z5 concept

By luanpa in | January 25, 2011 | (1) Comment

This BMW Z5 concept is designed by Turkish designers, a young team İsmet Çevik and Fatih Tezel  decided to create a futuristic conceptual study for a mid-engined BMW supercar by 3D modelling, which is called BMW Z5 from BMW comes in 2013.

The styling somewhat resembles Audi’s superstar R8. In the past decade BMW has been criticized for the lack of a supercar and when the R8 was introduced, the voices became even louder. From the back we can see the designers have opted to go for a mid-mounted V8 engine layout, with a large encapsulating body design that wraps up the entire insides from the outside in.

Everything, from the doors, to the front lights, to the facelifted windscreen, all blend in as one flowing design. Even the traditional BMW grilles at the front seem to match the exotic bodywork.

Next supercar, but the Munich-based automaker refers to the Vision Concept as a new breed of sportscars, hybrid powered with the performance of an M3. The times of V10 engines are way gone and the future is synonym with efficiency and lightweight.

BMW Z5 conceptBMW Z5 concept frontBMW Z5 concept rearBMW Z5 concept rear side



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