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C3R Corvette Stingray Retro Design

By luanpa in | June 4, 2010 | (4) Comments

This car in the photo may be the next Corvette, It’s worked wonders for the current crop of remade pony cars, with Chevy’s own Camaro being a prime example. It is C3R, and only a computer-generated concept at the moment.

The design includes the ‘69 Stingray’s razor-sharp, chrome-tipped nose, slatted air intakes and distinct Coke-bottle silhouette. Cyrulewski says that the car is only four inches longer than the production ZR-1, and that it won’t have pop-up headlights like its inspiration does. It is  a Corvette staple until the latest C6.

If crowd reaction to the finished car is favorable, he will consider a limited production body kit. It would naturally be offered with a 427 (7.0 liter) V8 engine and side exhausts, like the original ‘69 Stingray.

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