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Cadillac Provoq concept- a Fule cell car

By luanpa in | December 20, 2009 | Comments Off on Cadillac Provoq concept- a Fule cell car

Cadillac has just revealed the Cadillac Provoq concept, a 4 door crossover concept, which uses the E-Flex platform with a hydrogen fuel-cell range extender.

Cadillac Provoq concept may look like a compact crossover vehicle, but underneath its stylish exterior is the hydrogen fuel cell version of GM’s E-Flex powertrain system. The E-Flex system first debuted on the Chevrolet Volt Concept at last year’s North American International Auto Show, and one year later it’s being introduced for the first time on a Cadillac. The E-Flex system is a series hybrid, with the vehicle essentially acting as pure electric car. When the batteries are exhausted, a range extender powerplant – in this case it is GM’s fifth-gen hydrogen fuel stack – acts as a generator to recharge the electric batteries. GM boasts that its latest fuel cell is half as big as the outgoing model, but provides more power and utilizes hydrogen more efficiently.

The Cadillac Provoq concept features a 70 kW (94 hp) electric motor that provides power to the front wheels, plus two 40 kW (54 hp) in-wheel electric motors that are powered by a battery pack with plug-in capabilities. GM says that the Provoq should be able to travel 20 miles on pure electric power, and a further 280 miles on a single tank of hydrogen. For a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Provoq’s performance is quite strong, taking less than 8.5 seconds to hit 60 mph, and providing a top speed of 100 mph.

cadillac provoq concept front view

cadillac provoq concept front view



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