China car

Geely GS-CC

Chinese automaker Geely will unveil Gleagle Geely GS-CC at 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, now they has launched the first photos. It is a coupe.

SAIC Leaf Concept Car

The Leaf concept derived roof actually serves a useful purpose with it being able to give of O2 (i.e. Oxygen) instead of Co2 as a regular automobile.

Volkswagon Tiguan China Version Releaved

Volkswagon Tiguan China Version had been releaved, It is producted by Shanghai Volkswagon which a Chinese joint venture of Volkswagen.

Geely Forwind Concept

This is Geely Forwind Concept. GEELY first showed Forwind Concept at the Beijing Motor Show . Geely Forwind Concept is a wreck on wheels, so the boys went back and took more shots (AD VIDEO!) of the Forwind on the show floor.

China concept: Geely GT Concept

The Geely GT Concept first debuts at 2008 Beijing Auto Show. It is design by China Brand Geely. It looks reference Maserati’s Gran Turismo, Alfa Romeo’s 8C Competizione and Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage.

Great Wall all-new Limousine: Hover Π

This Vehicle is Great Wall all-new Limousine, its name is Hover Π. Hover Π is a production of china brand Great Wall.

Chengdu Yema M72 hybrid – A car from China

Chengdu Yema M72 hybrid is a vehicle from China. It is a a hybrid city car. Yema M72 stylish individuality, interior excellent, with the hybrid of new energy technologies, which is base France. Also it is a concept for future.