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Chrysler Firepower concept

By luanpa in | October 29, 2010 | (1) Comment

Chrysler Firepower concept brings a special two-seated  racing coupe. It based on the Viper but powered by the SRT8 drivetrain.

Chrysler Firepower concept equiped with world-class 5-speed automatic transmission with luxury and sport. The 0-60 mph performance at less than 4.5 seconds and estimates a top speed of 175 mph. The automatic transmission and less-powerful-but-still-potent Hemi make the Firepower quite formidable yet easier to drive for those who are not professional racers, and also bring the price down considerably.

The exterior is covered in Hydro Silver Pearl, with dark carbon fiber and polished aluminum accents. the final product’s design is that the LED lights will be replaced with regular ones, the bonnet will get a e neater shape and the wheels will decrease in size. In addition to embodying Chrysler grand tourer spirit in the exterior design, Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling was used to shape the body with aerodynamics in mind. Design for proper engine cooling as well as down force in the rear are achieved through this modeling.

The interior is befitting of the Chrysler brand image of beauty and elegance. The interior color combination consists of Ocean Deep Blue as a primary hue, with Oyster leather and Behr maple accents. Finely trimmed leather-covered sport seats, automatic climate control and a premium audio system provide a tasteful and purposeful interior environment.

Everything was set for production until the suits at Daimler-Chrysler started to question economical viability.
The car would have been unquestionably very desirable, but few could have satisfied that desire at an estimated price of $ 200,000.

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