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Chrysler GEM Peapod concept

By luanpa in | December 22, 2009 | (1) Comment

Chrysler unveiled a new all-electric car: Chrysler GEM Peapod. The Peapod is first of a new generation of GEM electric vehicles that will be more user-friendly and efficient. so the Chrysler GEM Peapod is the next generation of clean, gas-free and emission-free, battery electric vehicles.

Chrysler GEM Peapod concept is design by the newly designed center console that will offer iPod integration, as well as hands-free operation of the customer’s iPhone.

The vehicle’s innovative, groundbreaking design, with its striking podlike shape and sleek lines, reflects its environmentally friendly nature.

Chrysler GEM Peapod

Chrysler GEM Peapod

The user-friendly mood of the vehicle, named Peapod, is enhanced with the newly designed center console that will offer iPod integration, as well as handsfree operation of the customer’s iPhone. Other innovations include ergonomic, supportive, mesh seating, which enables air circulation for comfort and uses ecofriendly recycled and recyclable materials.

The Peapod is scheduled for production in 2009. The Peapod represents the first in a series of product launches that will redefine the future of electric vehicles.

Peapod zero-emission electric vehicles can be used in settings such as city centers, planned communities, military bases, college campuses, corporate and commercial centers, and city, state and national parks.

Peapod neighborhood electric vehicles have a top speed of 25 miles per hour, a range of up to 30 miles per charge (battery charge is extended through use of regenerative braking) and are street legal in more than 40 states. The vehicles can be recharged anytime, anywhere with a standard 110-volt outlet. Recharge time is approximately six to eight hours.

By replacing conventional vehicles, Peapod vehicles can reduce overall emissions of pollutants, particularly during short trips when conventional vehicles create the most tailpipe emissions.

Chrysler GEM PeapodChrysler GEM PeapodChrysler GEM PeapodChrysler GEM Peapod



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  1. One of the cutest car i see.Aside from that,it’s fuel efficient and environment friendly.It’s a good way to promote a clean drive all over the world.