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Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Concept

By luanpa in | February 19, 2010 | Comments Off on Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Concept

This is the Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally concept, which is designed by Chu Hyung Kwon. It is an indestructible car, the designer make the death-defying even moreso that, this design brings the structure to the skin.

This Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Concept have more technology at par with that of F1 racing. The core of the car will still be the strongest, while the outer extremities (the structural surface) will be made of materials with relative flexibility. A main feature of the concept appears to be elasticity; also, I’m totally in favor of elasticity, the more, the better. But that’s beside the point. The concept uses elasticity for safety and to some point, for stability.

An elastic capsule surrounds the driver and works to reduce/ prevent injuries in event of a collision. Elastic working at the concept’s rear helps it to get back on its wheels if it is ever knocked off upside down. The wheels are a special arrangement, each with a number of sections. In case of a puncture or damage, only the said section needs to be removed, rather than having to deal with the entire wheel. Shock resistance. With modern advances such as the following, even the most severe of impacts will be dissipated: AeroGel, Carbon/Kevlar composite, and liquid metal. along with the formentioned simple self-righting system and the ability to climb right up the side of a pit make this Structural Skin car quite the formidable foe.

Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally concept Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally concept



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