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Citroen DS2 will be the new compact hatch for 2012

By luanpa in | January 18, 2010 | Comments Off on Citroen DS2 will be the new compact hatch for 2012

Citroen DS2 is a new premium small car for of Citroen’s DS line-up, Citroen is a new compact hatch will be launched in 2012, The car which was dubbed as Citroen DS2 and it will be the entry point in the company’s new DS range.

Citroen DS2’s design will be inspired from the Citroen Revolte concept but will feature a more conventional grille, larger headlights and a narrower track. Citroen DS2 will come with the same rear-hinged doors that were also installed on the Revolte concept and other design elements are inspired from the legendary people’s car. There are more than a few 2CV-inspired features in its lines. As our renderings suggest, the more subtly-styled DS2 (certainly more subtle than the Revolte) could potentially embrace this heritage.

As for the concept, it is 3.68m long, 1.73m wide and 1.35m tall and is powered by a re-chargeable hybrid system that comprises both an electric unit and a small combustion engine. The new The DS2 will share its underpinning with Citroen’s all-new C3 model. The DS2 will be available with a range of three-cylinder gas engines, as well as Citroen’s 1.4L HDi diesel motor.It was equipped with rear-hinged doors, with the cabin boasting high-quality materials such as woven black leather.

To cut costs, the back-hinged rear doors will likely be replaced although the accordion-style convertible roof could potentially make it to production.

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