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Citroen Eco Luxury concept

By luanpa in | January 28, 2010 | (1) Comment

Citroen Eco-Luxury is a zero emission concept electric vehicle, which is design by by Ankit Prashar. It is designed to be base on innovative eco technologies, with smart materials.

The Citroen Eco-Luxury concept is all-electric with a lithium-ion battery powering the in-wheel electric motors. A fuel cell works as a range extender and charges the batteries when needed. The lightweight green materials along with a unique power-train. The batteries have an extended range, thanks to an on-board fuel cell component which charges the batteries when the charge falls below a certain level.

The exterior of the car provides a fresh Citroen design language. The car has a unique shoulder line which takes its inspiration from the wing-structure of a bat, while the front-end design is inspired by the double-chevron logo and gives a new meaning to the brand identity.

The interior of the car offers a unique 1+2 seating layout which ensures maximum individual space to the rear passengers. This enables the vehicle to have a flat floor bed on the rear which further maximizes the interior space. The textured glass-roof, inspired by the work of the French architect Jean Nouvel, filters the sunlight entering the interior and forms a unique pattern which gives the impression of the sun rays passing through a bunch of trees.

About the designer:
Ankit Prashar is an Indian National who has recently graduated as an Automotive Designer from the Coventry School of Art & Design. He also undertook the 1st year of the course at I.E.D, in Turin, Italy.


citroen eco luxury concept

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citroen eco luxury concept designer

citroen eco luxury concept designer

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