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CLP Automotive MR 600 GT

By luanpa in | October 19, 2010 | (1) Comment

CLP Automotive MR 600 GT is based on BMW 6-servers by CLP Automotive, and the name is MR 600 GT.

CLP Automotive MR 600 GT is the main component of the vehicle concept. The main feature of the tuning job is the aerodynamic kit by CLP which reduces lift and helps develop air flow for cooling the high-performance brakes. The kit consists of two front wings, a wide front bumper, a couple of fender flares for the back, side skirts and a rear apron.

MR 600 GT is installed exclusive 3-part alloy wheels  with stainless steel trim rings in size of 9.5 x22 inches and 11.5 x 22 inches, equipped with high-performance tires in sizes of 255/30-22 and 285/25-22. The cost of the wheel set is 8960 Euro.

CLP Automotive MR 600 GT
CLP Automotive MR 600 GT

CLP Automotive MR 600 GT frontCLP Automotive MR 600 GT sideCLP Automotive MR 600 rear



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