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Dagger GT with 300MPH

By luanpa in | July 5, 2010 | (1) Comment

This surper car is Dagger GT, can receive 300MPH cecord, so it is enough for someone who’s overweening ambitions for power and speed. Dagger GT is the only one to provide in 2011.

Dagger GT is designed by the Corvette Cheetah concept and it vows to break every major record, from being the fastest on a straight line to being the quickest around the Nurburgring. So it is equipped with Tom’s multi-fuel (petrol/methanol/hydrogen/ethanol), aluminum 572 Twin Turbo engine that churns out 2000hp and 2,710Nm torque mated to a TranStar/Mendeola 6-speed transmission. Equally stunning are the performance figures as the real monster achieves 0-60 mph in 1.5 seconds and quarter mile in less than 6.7 seconds. The car has its outer body made from carbon fiber, whereas high-strength 4130 Chromoly Steel chassis forms the inner structure.

Dagger GT’s will be made available in three different models, Dagger GT is a limited edition as only five will be made in 2011 and two of them have already been booked. Sales will begin during the first half of 20112011 for 10 units to be delivered in 2012 and each car is priced at a minimum of US$450,000.
dagger-gt-with-2000hp-300mph dagger gt with 300mph back side frontdagger gt with 300mph back sidedagger gt with 300mph rear



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  1. Jack says:

    Amazing Design….. i will rate this one BEST among the category of Super Car….. i will like to see some pictures with whole black color…..rear view of the car is great….. a real hot wheel…..