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DC Designs Imperator 2010

By luanpa in | January 26, 2010 | (2) Comments

This concept vehicle is called the DC Imperator SUV, which is design by western an India group. It was introduced at the Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi.

The first concept is called the DC Imperator SUV. The DC Imperator takes inspiration from no less a car than the one named after the legendary Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari. Poor man, must be turning in his grave. While the Imperator manages to look more like a big burly yet sleek sportscar on steroids, we are of the firm view that the Imperator should be called a crossover or for that matter even a soft roader than an SUV.

Wanna go mud plugging in the Malaysian rain forests or dune bashing at the Dakar rally with this one? You must be joking! That said, while the SUV on steroids doesn’t look all that bad or outlandish, it just doesn’t look like an SUV. You take a look at the picture gallery and decide for yourself.

Meanwhile, here is what the folks at DC Design have to say about the DC Imperator SUV concept:

DC Imperator Design Philosphy:

    * A SUV from now on need not be boxy and rugged
    * Make an off roader sexy and sensual
    * The ideation derives from the Formula 1 inspired silhouette or the FERRARI ENZO

DC Imperator Exterior Design Features:

    * Super Car Stance on a High Spring Chassis
    * Long Wheel base cab forward look
    * 1.66m tall height
    * Large aperture gull winged door
    * World record beating 28″ wheels and tyres
    * Stance of a Fighter Jet
    * Multilarge Lighting Sytems Front & Back

DC Imperator Dimensions:

   1. Wheel Base – 3398 mm
   2. Length – 5201 mm
   3. Front Overhang – 1104 mm
   4. Ground Clearance – 275 mm
   5. Height – 1659 mm
   6. Rear Overhang 699 mm
   7. Width 2076 mm

2010 DC Design Imperator

2010 DC Design Imperator



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2 responses to "DC Designs Imperator 2010"

  1. I really love the front of the Ferrari Enzo with those two big “holes”.

  2. avinash mattapalli says:

    Wowwie !! Fantastic…hmm…so when is it gonna hit the market ? huh ?? and im sure…the price tag would be really high !!