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Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am

By luanpa in | July 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am

Ferrari has unveiled new 458 Italia Grand Am race car, it is set to compete in 2012 in the North American race series. This Ferrari first runned ran around a racetrack at the Fiorano circuit.

Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am race car Developed with Michelotto Automobili, it is based on the GT3 version of the Ferrari V8 Berlinetta, The difference between the new 458 Grand Am model and the European version is that the Grand Am develops a total of 500 HP at maximum revs of 8000. Modifications include upgraded brakes for the absence of ABS and traction control, and an integrated roll bar.

458 Italia Grand Am is powered by a V8 engine, produces 500hp, down 62hp from the GT3 version and features a less aerodynamics to match the American series’ regulations. This race car ran for 45 laps trouble free and was driven by Maurizio Mediani and Jaime Melo, who both took turns behind the wheel.

Slowing the North American Grand Am down is a 48 mm restrictor and less efficient aerodynamics than the GT version. Compared to a standard 458 Italia, the Grand Am model features a revised braking system and a roll-over bar which gives greater lateral protection thereby increasing safety.

Ferrari 458 Italia Grand AmFerrari 458 Italia Grand Am side



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