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Ferrari 599 Hybrid Concept, in Geneva

By luanpa in | February 27, 2010 | (1) Comment

Ferrari recently confirmed that a hybrid version of the Ferrari 599 will be debuted at the 2010 Geneva motor show. It means that Ferrari would follow the ecological tendency of all manufacturers around the world. I have write a article about “Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano China Limited Edition “. Now I will introduce it.

Ferrari 599 hybrid concept is a two-seat 599 surper car, which is designed by Pininfarina. It is expected to reduce fuel consumption, powered by a  kinetic energy recovery system(KERS). With a KERS in place an electric power boost is also probable. The play-stop system implemented on 599 GTB should reduce significantly the consumption of fuel and the unity emission V12 of this model especially in urban landscape.

Ferrari 599 hybrid concept will use a modified version of the Kinetic Energy Retrieval System,  which is developed by the company’s F1 team, is expected to appear on the hybrid along with regenerative braking. It will be similar to all the other models of his kind and will utilize lithium-ion batteries. Both the electrical engine, and the batteries will be put near rear deck, a pair of small electric motors could be mounted in the 599’s rear transaxle and act as a torque-vectoring system to improve grip, handling and performance. These motors would likely also capture braking energy to store in a lithium-ion battery for future use in boosting performance. And the electrical engine will be coupled of the transmission of 599 GTB. This thing will allow implementation of a regenerating system of the kinetic energy lost usually when braking, which will function in an similar way to the KERS from Formula 1, offering a surplus of power for a short period of time.

Montezemolo also mentioned that the automaker will continue to adapt F1 technology for its street vehicles. Ferrari will also continue to look for ways to improve their cars’ efficiency as part of the board’s plan to make the company more sustainable.

ferrari 599 hybrid concept top
ferrari 599 hybrid concept side
ferrari 599 hybrid concept front



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