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Ferrari Monza Concept

By luanpa in | April 14, 2010 | (1) Comment

Ferrari Monza is a concept car that is so smart to drive itself. It is designed by Iman Maghsoudi, I think it feel in touch with the driving experience. but the top speed is 125mph, too fast for a human to operate manually.

Humans cannot muster “sufficient concentration” to keep it on the ground and upright, computers take over. They change the angles of the canards over the front wheels and make sure the Monza doesn’t go airborne in violent gusts. This study in advanced aerodynamics appears to be the road-going equivalent of an F-16, which seems to be a rather complicated way to go speeds that aren’t considered that fast anymore.

The pilot will sit inside the cockput just like how you straddle a motorcycle whenever you want to take over the driving, but whenever a specified speed limit is exceeded, the computer will automatically take over.  Keeping in sync with the celebrated name Enzo, Monza not only sounds but also appears to be the future of Ferrari. This revolutionary Ferrari concept, designed by Iman Maghsoudi, is cleverly programmed to drive on its own. At slower speeds, the “pilot” sits in full control in a cockpit akin to straddling a motorcycle whenever you want to take over the driving. Yanko also states that this red speeding beast changes shape resembling an airfoil for maximum aerodynamics.

Featuring an extended front wing that lifts the nose off the ground at high speeds, such a design creates lift to reduce friction and fly while driving.The two rear wings, resembling manta ray fins, adjust to channel air smoothly across the vehicle.

The driver sits in a position similar to riding a motorbike and the vehicle is designed to minimise friction and stop unwanted headwinds. The driver operates it to a predetermined speed, before the onboard computer changes the aerodynamic profile and takes over.Designer Iman Maghsoudi said the Monza is so advanced that drivers would lack the ‘sufficient concentration’ to control it.

Ferrari Monza Concept  top front

Ferrari Monza Concept front

Ferrari Monza Concept side

Ferrari Monza Concept



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