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Fiat Uno Cabrio Concept

By luanpa in | November 3, 2010 | Comments Off on Fiat Uno Cabrio Concept

The small car Fiat Uno and Fiat 500 had huge success, and the UNO more than 6 million units are sold. Now Fiat debuts the Fiat Uno Cabrio Concept based on the new Fiat Uno platform.

Fiat Uno Cabrio Concept has been developed by the company’s Brazilian branch. Fiat Uno Cabrio is currently just a design study which is being used to show off what is possible using the new Uno’s chassis. It will be exhibited for the first time at the next Sao Paolo International Auto Show. The vehicle is a two-seater based on Uno, which received a retractable soft top instead of rear seats.

The Fiat Uno Concept Cabrio is an open-top two-passenger two-door. Fiat says the concept is aimed at younger consumers and is “an example of the alternatives that can be generated from the New Uno platform.

Fiat Uno Cabrio Concept is powered by a 152-horsepower turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine that can propel the vehicle at speeds up to 124 mph. The chassis has been stiffened and lowered, and the car rides on low-profile 17-inch tires.

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