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Fisker bumps price on Karma sedan

By luanpa in | December 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Fisker bumps price on Karma sedan

It’s a very cool four-door electric hybrid sedan with great performance and a rather new but prestigious badge.The Fisker Karma is set to finally make production early next year, but buyers of the high-dollar hybrid will have to shell out a little more than first expected.

Fisker originally targeted the $80,000 mark for its upcoming Karma sedan, but was later forced to bump that price to $87,900.Apparently that price hike wasn’t enough to satisfy the bean counters, with Fisker announcing another price increases to dealers this week.

The Karma will now carry a base price of $95,900 – representing an $8,000 increase over the previously announced price.The mid-level Eco Sport model will list from $103,900, with the range-topping Eco Chic carrying a list price of $108,900.Destination will tack on another $950.

If all continues as planned, dealers should have Karma models available to test drive by spring 2010, with sales likely to commence soon thereafter.

Fisker bumps price on Karma sedan



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