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Futuristic Spheric Concept Car

By luanpa in | April 16, 2010 | (4) Comments

This vehicle is Conceptualized for the roads of the future, which is designed by Daniel Fitzgerald. Spheric was intended to roll in the 5th Peugeot design competition.

The Spheric Concept Car derives form from a water droplet, Daniel justifies it with the adjusting tapering rear of its spherical form. This along with the flexible front wing profile on the front, allows the driver to reduce wind friction for straight highway driving. Further more the driver can switch their profile to increase the cars down-force when cornering.

 The concept is the autonomously controlled wheel actions that enhance the chances of it seeing daylight, in distant future. Allowing the driver to move sideways too, the designer has employed four separate independent motors all on their own individual rotating and pivoting arm. This setup can enable the car to rotate on the spot, and also rotate while moving.

Spheric Concept CarSpheric Concept CarSpheric Concept Car



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